Cheap Nike React technology: the cushioning upgrade

When we talk about cutting-edge sneakers, needless to say, we talk about Nike. Starting from the Air Unit, the brand has gone further and further, crossing the limits of technological research for decades. With the release of the LunarEpic Low Flyknit in 2017, which utilize Nike’s Lunarlon foam technology, it seemed cushioning and performance couldn’t go further. And here comes cheap Nike React technology!

Nike’s goal was to create something that could satisfy the needs and desires of all runners, long or short distance runners, beginners and endurance experts – in short, everyone!

We know that the brand offers the most versatile range of cushioning options when it comes to cheap running shoes. And the React foam is nothing short of revolutionary, thanks to its ability to be incredibly responsive and soft at the same time – it’s like an automatic correction for your feet!

It’s all a matter of materials

When the Nike research team asked runners what they wanted from their shoes, they received very specific answers: superior cushioning, better energy return and lightness. Ah, and of course also stamina. Bringing all four qualities into one model was not easy, as they are opposed to each other.

But Nike accepted the challenge. The result gave birth to a completely new synthetic rubber made with innovative materials in line with the modern fluid geometry. Comparing the Epic React Flyknit to the immediately preceding racing model, the LunarEpic Flyknit 2, the new cheap React proved softer and lighter, as well as much more durable.

Cheap Nike React: a technology ready for action

Nike React technology represents a major step forward in terms of cushioning. It’s no exaggeration to say that with React, Nike has developed the most responsive cushioning ever. 11% softer and 13% more voluminous than the Lunarlon, it was created by testing 400 material combinations and put through its paces for over 2,000 hours. The soft, elastic and stable foam met the needs of changes in direction and speed, ensuring unprecedented stability and energy return. In addition, the React technology makes the shoes 30% lighter than other running models. Put them to the test!

To carry out the foam tests, Cheap Nike turned the design details into athletic data. Focusing on factors such as movement, direction and strength, the Nike team used pressure maps that show exactly where in the shoe athletes need support. Such a study made it possible to complete the most difficult task: obtaining maximum cushioning and traction.

Plus, Nike React technology uses the most durable foam ever, giving runners all the energy they need to push their performance to the max. It is more durable than any other foam Nike tested in running, which means it can meet the needs of even the most experienced runners.

An avant-garde design

With Nike React technology, the cushioning sensation is unique because the foam quickly returns to its original shape, ensuring maximum energy return. So, while reacting to each step, the foam at the same time is already working to return to its original state and ensure a constant feeling of comfort under the foot, kilometer after kilometer.

The design with the wider base for greater stability has a particular arched shape that guarantees extreme fluidity upon impact with the ground. That’s why, thanks to its incredible responsiveness and softness, React reduces injuries on the run.

React technology is the holy grail for runners. If you were born to run and go further and further, don’t miss JD’s cheap Nike React collection. You will find all Nike models made with this technology: Air Force 1 React, React Element 55, Air Max 270 React.

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